You can see where your techs are if the tech is logged in the mobile app and Location Services for Fieldwork is set to ON for that device.

To see where your tech is:

  1. From the Dashboard open the Calendar
  2. Click Day in the upper left
  3. Click the greater than symbol > in the upper left

A map will appear from the left. The tech's initials will be in a circle, and the circle is the same color associated to the tech from the Users & Routes Settings page. 

Note If two techs are doing the same job only one tech will appear in the map. (The other will be hidden underneath.)

The white house in the green box is your office location. 

The ovals contain two pieces of information: the left side is the date of the appointment, the right is the numbered stop (1st stop, 2nd stop, etc.)

For more information about viewing a tech's location, see Tech's location and Time - viewing it after the fact

Technician Tracking is available in the Business and Pro subscription plans. You can view and upgrade your subscription at Settings/Billing & Subscription

May 2017
Updated, October 2017

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