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Service Agreements - Part 2
Service Agreements - Part 2

Creating the Service Agreements

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Service Agreements is available in our Pro Plan.


After you create your Service Agreement Templates, you'll create the Agreements for your customers.

Key Points

  • Enter the customer information in the Create Agreement pane

  • Create the Initial Service Work Order

  • Create the Recurring Service Work Order

  • View and Edit the Agreement PDF

  • Save the Agreement

From the Dashboard click Sales > Agreements.

Click the Add Agreement button in the upper-right corner.

The Create Agreement pane appears.

Customer Name and Service Location - Enter the customer's name and pick the Service location. 

Agreement Type - The drop-down list shows the Service Agreement Templates you've created. Pick the one appropriate for this customer.

If you clicked the Renews check box in the Service Agreement you created, the Renews check box and Renewal fee text box appear. 

If you entered a price in the Renewal fee text box in the Service Agreement you created, it auto-populates in the Renewal fee text box.

Sales Rep - Pick the sales representative, if one is involved.

Marketing Source - If this customer contacted you due to a marketing campaign, select the Marketing Source.

Agreement Status -

Will be Draft when creating the Agreement; afterwards, the following statuses are available:

  • Active - The agreement was accepted by the customer. The initial and recurring Work Orders appear in the calendar. This is the only status where Work Orders appear in the calendar.

  • Pending - Waiting for customer to accept

  • Cancelled - Customer declined the renewal

  • Expired - The agreement is past the Renewal period

Agreement date - Usually this is the same day you're creating the agreement.

Renews, Renewal date, Renewal fee - are set/not set based on your setting in the template. You can change any of the three below independent of the template setting.

Click the Next button. Then click the Initial Service box to create the Initial Service Work Order. 

This is identical to every Work Order you've ever created except in the upper-left corner it states Initial Service, and the fields are pre-populated with the content you entered in your Initial Service Work Order template for this service at Settings/Work Order Templates.

Review and make any changes necessary and click the Save button in the upper-right corner. 

Click the Recurring Service box. 

This, too, is identical to every Recurring Work Order you've ever created except in the upper-left corner it states Recurring Service.

Review and make any changes necessary and click the Save button in the upper-right corner. 

When you Save the Recurring Service you'll see information for both services. Click the View Agreement box.

The contract that was added to the Service Agreement template appears. If using a tablet or touch screen, the customer can sign the contract. Or use the computer's mouse.

Pay Initial - Click the Pay Initial button for the customer to pay the initial service upfront. 

Print - Prints the Agreement
Email - Emails the Agreement. Add wording to the email body using text and placeholders.

Sign - The customer can sign the agreement either on a touch screen or with the mouse.

Fill online - Filling form online overrides the attached file for this form (if one exists), and vise versa: uploading filled form file (on the web or from our mobile app) will override previously filled form data (unless the file was renamed), to prevent possible duplicates of the same pdf form.

Click the Save button in the upper-right corner. You are returned to the Edit Agreement pane. Click the down arrow to the right of the Save Agreement button to Save & Email the Agreement. 

To the right of the Service Agreement you'll see an Edit button and a down arrow button. Click the down arrow button to print, email or delete the Agreement. After the 1st Notice is sent, the next time you click the arrow the text will show Send 2nd Notice, etc.

One the left side of the Service Agreement page you'll find the usual Search & Filter pane. It behaves just like all the others. 

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