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Service Agreements allow you to bundle a series of Work Orders that have an Initial "up front" service, with a contract, followed by Recurring services. For example, create an Initial termite service for $1000 and an annual Recurring service for $125 as one bundled package. You'll email the Agreement to the customer to review and sign before starting service.

Key Points

  • View and edit an Agreement

  • Filter, sort and refresh the Agreement list

  • Add a new Agreement by clicking the plus sign (+)

  • Complete an Agreement and email it for signature

Filter, Sort and Refresh the Agreement List

From the menu tap Agreements. Filter Agreements to narrow a search. Sort Agreements by date (newest to oldest and vise versa). Tap the Refresh circle to update the list.

View Agreements

Tap an Agreement to open it. View Diagrams, Initial and Recurring services. Review and Sign the Agreement.

Add a New (+) Agreement

Tap the plus sign (+) to create a new Agreement. Select the Customer and Location. Select the Agreement Type. If it's renewable, tap Renews, select the date it renews and the Renewal Fee, if it applies. Click Next to create the Initial and Recurring services.

Create a Diagram

Create a diagram to make an outline of the property.

Add a photo map of where the traps are located on the property.

Create Initial and Recurring Services

The Initial and Recurring services pull information from the Agreement and usually all the information is prepopulated. However, everything in the services is editable, so make changes as necessary.

View and Pay Now

Take a payment for the initial service by tapping Add Payment. Select the Payment Method, if it's paid by check don't forget to add the check number. Tap Pay.

Review and Sign the Agreement

The customer can review and sign the Agreement from your device.

Email Agreement for Review and Sign

Another method for obtaining a signature is to email the Agreement to the customer. The customer can open the email on their phone or computer, tap the Review & Sign button and sign the Agreement from the online portal. Once the Agreement is signed its status changes from Draft to Active and the Work Orders are placed on the Calendar.

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