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Using XODO to edit a PDF file on Android
Using XODO to edit a PDF file on Android

Once XODO is installed on Android tap OK to open and edit the PDF

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Adobe Acrobat is no longer supported in the Fieldwork app on Android devices. Please use XODO. When you tap the PDF form in the Fieldwork app, a message appears explaining to use XODO.   

If you have not already done so, tap XODO PDF to install it; otherwise, tap OK

IMPORTANT Always tap OK after XODO is installed.

Tap XODO to open the PDF file.

Tapping the check boxes and entering text is no different from using Adobe Acrobat. 

To make a drawing, scroll to the graph page, tap the Pencil and make the drawing.

Tap the Pencil again.

Tap the color you want, make your drawing, and tap the green check mark when you're done.

To get a customer signature, tap anywhere in the form background. Tap the Pencil icon at the top right.

Tap the Signature icon.

Give the device to the customer to sign, and tap Add.

Tap and hold the signature and drag it to the signature line and release.

The tech repeats the signature steps and drops the signature on the technician signature line. 

Tap the Back button on the Android device to get the green check mark in Fieldwork.

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