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Upload Business License, Applicator's License and other documents to the customer portal

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Upload your Business License, Applicator's License, Certificates of Insurance, Contact Information, Service Protocols, Marketing documents so your customers can see these on your portal.**

Key Points

  • Upload your business documents so your customers can view and download them

  • All customers will have access to them from the customer portal

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Company Setup click Account Documents

  3. Click the Upload New Document button

  4. Type in the document name, such as Business License or Applicator's License

  5. Select the document type, either Business License or Applicator's License**

  6. Click the Choose File button, find the file and click Open

  7. Click the Create Account Document button

  8. Repeat with the other document

**If uploading anything but a Business or Applicator's License do not select the document type.

On the customer portal the customer will see:

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