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The menu offers areas for the user to access, depending on the roles the user has. Viewing a customer allows to you view and edit customer details.

Key Points

  • Tap the Customers menu to access existing or create new customers

  • Each menu item can be used to search, filter, email or print

  • Scroll down the customer page to see other details about the account

Add New Customer

Tap the Filter icon to filter your customer list. Tap Apply to filter the list, Tap Reset to clear the filter. Tap a name into the Search box to search for customers. Tap the customer to view the customer's account.

Edit Existing Customer

View and edit the Billing information and Service Location pages. You can also add a new Service Location to the customer's account.

Pay Now - Entire Balance

From within the customer's account you can pay off the entire balance. Tap Pay Now, select the Payment Method, tap Pay.

View and Edit Tasks

Scroll down the customer page to see other details about the account. Tap Tasks to view and update a Task. You can filter, sort, refresh and add a new Task.

View and Edit Contacts

View Billing page contacts by tapping Contacts. If the contact is in a Service Location, select the location where the Contact is located and tap Contacts. View and edit contacts.

View Invoices

Tap Invoices to view, print or email an Invoice.


Scroll down to Notes to view and add notes. Notes added in the Office app are added to the Notes tab in the customer's Billing page.

Work Order History

Scroll down to Work Order History. Tap a Work Order to view its entire contents, including PDF forms, environment variables, photos, device scans and so forth. Tap Edit to edit a Work Order to update it.

Work Order History is also available from within a Work Order.

View and Edit Agreements

Scroll down the page and tap Agreements to view the Agreements the customer has. Filter, sort or create a new Agreement. Tap the plus sign (+) to create a new Agreement for this customer.

View, Edit and Create New Estimates

Scroll down the page and tap Estimates to view the Estimates the customer has. Filter, sort or create a new Estimate. Open an Estimate to view, edit, print or email it. Tap the plus sign (+) to create a new Estimate for this customer.

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