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Create tasks such as call-backs, verifying invoicing/work orders, follow-up reminders two weeks after an initial visit, lunch breaks, etc. You can assign a task to yourself or to anyone else in your business.

Key Points

  • View and edit all Tasks

  • Filter and sort the Task list

  • Create a new Task by tapping the plus sign (+).

Filter, Sort and Refresh Tasks

From the menu tap Tasks. Filter Tasks to narrow a search. Sort Tasks by date (newest to oldest and vise versa). Tap the Refresh circle to update the list.

View and Edit Tasks

Tap a Task to open it. Select a Task Type that is specific to the task at hand. Tap Related to and tap Related Name to associate the specific relationship. Then schedule the Task.

Add New (+)

Tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right to create a new Task. Tap each field and enter the information. Tap Save to save the task.

For more information about Tasks, see: Tasks and Settings - Task Types.

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