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A brief introduction

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The Fieldwork Office app is a full-service app for technicians and managers. Feature availability is dependent on your Fieldwork subscription.

Key Points

  • The Calendar contains Work Orders, Tasks, and Estimates

  • Tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right to create new Work Orders, Customers Tasks, and Estimates

  • Menu details organizes each item

  • Use Filters to Narrow your Search

  • Calendar shows List and Map Views

  • View another technician's schedule


Contains Work Orders, Tasks, and Estimates. From within a Work Order get driving directions and reschedule a Work Order.

Add New +

Drag the Calendar down to easily access any day of the month. Scroll the Calendar to view previous or future months. Tap Today to go to the current date. Tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right to add new Work Orders, Customers, Tasks and Estimates.

Menu details organizes each item

Tap the Menu in the upper left, select a component to filter, search, sort, view, print or email each item in it.

Use Filters to Narrow your Search

Each section has a Filter function. Use this to narrow a search.

Calendar List and Map Views

Tap Map or List at the bottom of the Calendar to view the day accordingly. Zoom in on the Map to get a closer look.

View Another Technician's Schedule

Administrators and non-administrators who have direct reports can view other schedules. Tap the person icon in the bottom right and select the route(s) to view.

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