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Admins and those who have 'Reports to' routes can view other routes and Work Orders

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Administrators and those who have direct reports can view, but not edit, other routes in the Calendar. Non-administrators need to have [x] Work Orders and [x] Schedule as roles and the routes need to have a 'Reports to' selected for that non-administrator.

Key Points

  • Administrators can see anyone's route

  • For non-administrators add the [x] Schedule and [x] Work Orders roles

  • For routes, add a 'Reports to'.

  • In the Calendar tap the person icon in the bottom right

  • Select the routes to view and tap Apply

For non-administrators add the [x] Work Orders role

Go to Settings/Users & Routes. Edit the non-administrator profile. Put a check mark in [x] Schedule and [x] Work Orders. FYI, for the non-administrator to see other areas in the app, put a check mark in those roles.

For routes, add a 'Reports to'

In Settings/Users & Routes, edit a route and in the bottom right of the page, select the person this route reports to.

In Settings/Users & Routes, you can see who the route reports to.

In the app Calendar tap the person icon in the bottom right

Tap the routes you want to view and tap Apply.

Note The hierarchy of your organization is maintained for viewing routes. For example, 3 routes report to the vice president. The vice president reports to the president. When the president logs in, the routes reporting to the vice president are viewable.

Remember Administrators and non-administrators who have a 'Reports to' technician can see work orders, but they cannot edit them.

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