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Estimates - getting started
Estimates - getting started

Estimates are saved in the customer's account

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Estimates are typically the first step in generating new business. Customers want to know how much it's going to cost to get rid of their cockroach problem before signing you up; although, starting at an estimate is not a requirement. 

Key Points

  • Create an Estimate depending on if the customer is new or existing

  • When the customer agrees, update the status to Accepted

  • Accepted Estimates generate a Work Order in the Work Pool

  • Schedule the appointment in the Calendar

New Customer

  1. Create a new customer. See Adding a New Customer - Getting Started

  2. After filling in the information on the Location page (second page) click Save & Create Estimate

Existing Customer

  1. From the Dashboard, type the customer's name in the search box to the right of Reports

  2. Click the customer who wants the estimate

  3. From the Service Locations tab, click View 

  4. Click Create a New...

  5. Click Estimate

   6. Enter the information for the estimate
   7. Click Save

Once the customer accepts your estimate, change the estimate status to Accepted. A Work Order is created and it is stored in the Work Pool for you to schedule by dragging and dropping it from the Work Pool onto the Calendar.

Also watch this video:

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