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Work Pool - getting started
Work Pool - getting started

A Work Pool is your To-Do list; it contains unscheduled appointments

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The Work Pool is an area off the Calendar that contains unscheduled appointments. Click the Work Pool & Missed button to view jobs in the Work Pool.

Key Points

The Work Pool serves many purposes, use it for:

  • Estimates that turn into Work Pool assignments after an Estimate is accepted

  • Your to-do list

  • Recurring call-to-schedule appointments

  • Recurring 'anytime' appointments (commercial account or for an exterior residential account where the resident doesn't need to be home)

Items in the Work Pool are not scheduled in the Calendar and do not have the time set.

An appointment is added to the Work Pool when you click Add to work pool from the Schedule tab when creating a Work Order. 

When you save the Work Order, it appears in the Work Pool & Missed tab in the Calendar.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Calendar

  2. Click the Work Pool & Missed button in the upper right

  3. Click Filter List

  4. Use filters to see exactly the jobs you want to service; type the customer name [or leave blank to see all customers], city, zip, street [or leave blank for all], Date range, Status, Route, Frequency, or Service Type

To schedule a Work Pool into the Calendar:

  1. Find the customer in the list

  2. Click and drag the Work Pool entry into the calendar and drop it on the appropriate day and time

Tip The default date range for the Work Pool is monthly, meaning the search range is the first to the last of the month. As you get closer to the end of the month, your Work Pool will appear to be shrinking. And on the last day of the month it'll be all but gone. Change your date filter so the end date ends somewhere in the next month and you'll see your Work Pool.

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