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Technician - remove from Fieldwork

It's better to deactivate than delete

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When you delete a user from Fieldwork, all associated work to that user is also deleted. When you deactivate a user, all associated work to that user is saved. For future potential audits, we recommend that you always deactivate a user.

Key Points

  • Move the Work Orders to another route

  • Deactivate the route

1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper-right corner  
2. Under Company Setup, click Users & Routes
3. Find the employee that is leaving and click Edit
4. Click Move Work to Another Route
5. Select a Destination Route
6. Click either of the two check boxes if they apply to your business
7. Click Move Work Now
9. Click Update User
10. Click Deactivate 

The employee is now locked out of Fieldwork. Also, you no longer get invoiced for the tech/route (the system will automatically reduce your subscription cost).

For more information about user roles, see: Users & Routes - getting started

If you accidentally delete a user and need to get the work back, send us the following information:

  • user name

  • license number

  • route name

Also watch this video:

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