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Changing route name - changes the route's history
Changing route name - changes the route's history

It's best to deactivate the former tech and create a new one

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As employees come and go, you'll want to create new users and deactivate the ones no longer employed by you.

You don't want to change the route name to a new employee because that also changes the history as to who completed those stops. This is not good should you be audited.

Key Points

  • Deactivate the original route

  • Create a new route for the new person

  • In the Deactivated route, move the work to a new route

  • Assign it to the new route

The way the work orders are connected to the tech in the database is through the route, so when that is updated in the user profile, the original tech is no longer connected to the work order. 

Use the following procedure to activate / deactivate a tech:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper right

  2. Deactivate the former user

  3. Click the Update user button

  4. Click the New User button in the upper right

  5. Add the new user and route

  6. Click Save

  7. Click Edit to the right of the user whom you deactivated

  8. Click Move Work to Another Route

  9. From the Destination Route drop-down, select the new user

  10. Click Move Work Now

  11. Click Save

Note If the route is updated in the profile and not 'moved' then the service history will not be accurate (updating the profile updates the service history).  

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