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Calendar - (1), (2), AT, CB, clock, check mark
Calendar - (1), (2), AT, CB, clock, check mark

What does it all mean?

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The Calendar shows different pieces of information in a Work Order to indicate different requests or responses from the customer.

Key Point

  • Each piece of information is designed to tell you at-a-glance something about the Work Order

  1. The (1) or (2) on the calendar is the # of appointment reminders that have been sent, set from your Settings/Appointment Reminders page
    Note If an appointment is moved after reminder has been sent, the (1) or (2) disappear from the appointment as the reminder is reset

  2. AT: Any Time is the customer’s time preference set in the Edit Location page

  3. CB: The appointment is a Callback as indicated in the bottom-right corner of the Work Order, No charge (Callback) [x]

  4. Clock: Specific time window for the tech to show up, set from your Settings/Calendar page

  5. Check mark: the Confirmed box in the Work Order - Schedule tab is checked: either an office employee called the customer to confirm the appointment or the customer confirmed it on the customer portal

Note If your appointments are too close together the symbols can get pushed out of the appointment. You can double the size of hours in the Calendar, that might allow for more room for the symbols.

Go to Settings/Calendar & Time and put a check mark in [x] Double Size Calendar. This will make the calendar twice as high, allowing for more precise scheduling, and allowing room for the symbols.

For more information about setting up Appointment Reminders, see Settings - Appointment Reminders

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