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Emails - don't provide links to view or pay online
Emails - don't provide links to view or pay online

Update your document templates

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Customers who receive Invoice and Work Order emails can pay the Invoices through your customer portal. They can also view Work Orders online. They do this by click the Here button in the email. If the button is not there it is because the email template is missing the placeholder "{link_to_document}".

Key Points

  • Add the placeholder {link_to_document} in both Invoice and Work Order email templates

  • Click the Preview button to ensure it looks right

To resolve this:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper right

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the first tab (Service Report)

  3. To the right of the email template text box you'll see the Placeholders column, find {link_to_document} (near the bottom)

   5. Click, hold, and drag {link_to_document} into the email template box where you
       want it to be and drop it

   6. Click the Preview button (always preview your emails)
   7. Make the necessary changes
   8. Repeat these steps for the Invoice tab
   9. Click Save Templates 

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