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Service categories - where to add
Service categories - where to add

It's in Settings/Services, use this to group services for reporting purposes

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Creating categories for your services helps group similar services together to improve reporting results.  For example, you might have four or five Mosquito-type services. By placing them all under a Mosquito category you can see how profitable the services are as a whole at Service Profitability Report, for example.

Key Points

  • Go to Settings/Services

  • Type the category

  • Repeat with other similar Services

  • Run reports and filter by category to see how the category as a whole is performing

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Company Setup, click Services

  3. Edit the service where you will add a category, or click New Service

  4. Enter the category in the Category field

   5. Click Update Service, or if it's new, click Create Service

Repeat with other services.

You can filter by category in the following reports:

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