When you change the status of an appointment and no notification goes to the tech:

The tech's phone number must be in the tech's user page, otherwise, the system doesn't have a number to text.

To add it:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper right

  2. Click Users & Routes

  3. Click Edit to the right of the user

  4. Add the tech's mobile phone number

  5. Click Save

Notifications go to the tech's mobile device when a new appointment is Scheduled, or an existing appointment is Moved, Cancelled or Deleted. It appears in the device's messaging system, not Fieldwork.

Tip from time to time, people get new phones and new phone numbers. Make sure your employees keep you up-to-date with their phone number. 

Note You are not charged for text messages sent to techs.

May 2017
Updated July 2017

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