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Trap & Trend Report
Trap & Trend Report

A visual guide to your device scanning

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If you scan your devices and enter the conditions of the traps, bait, evidences, and enter the number of pests trapped, you can look at the Trap & Trend Report to visually see progress being made or not.

Key Points

From the customer's location page, click the Trend Analysis button;

  • Calendar: The beginning and ending dates for your search 

  • Device Type: The device used for a capture, such as rat station, ILT, etc.

  • Capture Type: The pest that was captured

  • Evidence Type: The evidence the pest left behind, such as bait consumed, droppings, etc.

  • Trend Analysis: The Capture and Evidence visually chart the results of the filter query

  • Legend (Captures): A short, one-letter assignment for the description (i.e., M = Mouse)

  • Legend (Evidences):  A short, one-letter assignment for the description (i.e., B = Bait Eaten)

  • Device ID: The barcode number for the device that had activity for this period

  • Device Type: The type of device that had activity for this period, (i.e., rat station)

  • Captures: The number of pests captured (uses the short, one-letter naming convention)

  • Evidences: The number of evidences (uses the short, one-letter naming convention)


The left pane on the page contains filters you can use to narrow the report down to specifics.

  • Start/End Date: self explanatory

  • Device Type: tin cat, ILTs, multi-catch mouse, etc.

  • Capture Type: rat, mouse, skunk, etc.

  • Evidence Type: nesting materials, droppings, bait eaten, etc.

The following is a sample trend report.

Note The charts show evidences and captures. The charts will be blank if you do not enter that information in the Devices section of the mobile app.

This report is also available to your customers from the customer portal.

Note For the report to be available for viewing on the portal, at least one device needs to be added to the customer's location.

To see how to set up new devices, see Setting up New Devices

For more information about viewing the Trap & Trend Report from the customer portal, see: Online Service Portal - Getting Started Guide 2 of 2

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