What report to use to generate the results you want
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Which report do I use to see...
What columns are available in what reports?
What filters are available in what reports?
AVERAGE of customer annual value - how to get
Billing Frequency - which report
Sales Tax Liability Reports
Callbacks - how many have you scheduled
Callback - who did the first service
Cash - how to find how much cash you took in
Bulk Update Materials - Update incorrect entries for your Materials reports
Check number search
Credit card payments - how to track
California Material Report shows duplicate lines for same material
Customer email addresses - which reports list them
Email Delivery Statuses - open and click
Email Delivery Statuses report
Email soft and hard bounce - what are they?
Email marketing campaigns - tracking them
Emails - are customers getting them?
Export a report - with columns removed
Finding incorrect mobile phone numbers
Future work - how busy will you be next month?
How many new customers did we get this month?
Managing Reports - deselecting more than one column at a time
Material Usage Report - for a single location
Missed appointments - how to find
Monthly route sheet - with the services included
Notes - how to view notes taken in the field
NYSDEC Record Keeping Information
Payments - filter by user
Reports - for a specific group of accounts
Sales - by (Service) Category
Service dates - do not match invoice dates
Service filter does not drop down in reports
Service Profitability vs Service Profitability Comparison reports
Text confirmations - how to find
Total averages - for Invoices, Work Orders, and total account value
Trap & Trend Report
Work Pool - printing it for a specific month