What report to use to generate the results you want

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Which report do I use to see...185 answers to that question
What columns are available in what reports?
What filters are available in what reports?
AVERAGE of customer annual value - how to getUse the Account Value By Customer report
Billing Frequency - which reportUse the Call List
Sales Tax Liability ReportsCash Basis, Accrual Basis or Sales Tax Report Detail: Determine the Sales Tax Report that is best for you
Callbacks - how many have you scheduledUse the Completed Work Order Details report
Callback - who did the first serviceAfter the first service a different tech did the Callback
Cash - how to find how much cash you took inFind it in the Income Report
Bulk Update Materials - Update incorrect entries for your Materials reportsMy techs enter information inconsistently = let the reporting chaos begin
Check number searchIf you don't know the customer use the Deposit report
Credit card payments - how to trackUse the Income or the Customer List report
California Material Report shows duplicate lines for same materialDilution rates need to be the same
Customer email addresses - which reports list themReports that contain customer email addresses
Email Delivery Statuses - open and clickWhat is the difference between open and click
Email Delivery StatusesWhat do Queued, Deferral, and Rejected mean?
Email soft and hard bounce - what are they?Indicates a delivery issue to an email address
Email marketing campaigns - tracking themUse either Email Delivery Statuses or Route Production reports
Emails - are customers getting them?Use the Email Delivery Statuses report
Export a report - with columns removedAll the columns show up in the CSV file
Finding incorrect mobile phone numbersGo to Reports > Text Reminders
Future work - how busy will you be next month?Go to the Call List report
How many new customers did we get this month?Run the Customer List report
Managing Reports - deselecting more than one column at a timeYou can't, but we have a work around
Material Usage Report - for a single locationGo to the customer's Location page
Missed appointments - how to findUse the Call List report
Monthly route sheet - with the services includedUse the Call List report
Notes - how to view notes taken in the fieldLook at Completed Work Order Details report
NYSDEC Record Keeping InformationThis portion of the report details the locations of material usage
Payments - filter by userUse the Income report
Reports - for a specific group of accountsUse the Route Production report
Sales - by (Service) CategoryUse the Service Profitability report
Service dates - do not match invoice datesUse the Completed Work Order Details report
Service filter does not drop down in reportsYou need Categories
Service Profitability vs Service Profitability Comparison reportsWhat is the difference?
Text confirmations - how to findGo to the Text Reminders report
Total averages - for Invoices, Work Orders, and total account valueUse the Account Value By Customer report
Trap & Trend ReportA visual guide to your device scanning
Work Pool - printing it for a specific monthUse the Call List report