Auto Pay allows you to automatically pay future invoices with a customer's credit card on file. Note You must have a Stripe account to use this feature.

Key Points

  • Edit the customer's Billing page

  • At the bottom of the page, for Automation Type, select Auto Pay New Invoices

  • Select the credit card on file

  • If more than one credit card is on file, select the one the customer wants you to use

  • Add a new card if no credit card is on file

To set up your customer for Auto Pay:

  1. Go to the customer's account page

  2. Click the gray Edit button

  3. Scroll down the page to Auto Invoicing & Statement Options

  4. For Automation Type, select Auto Pay New Invoices

  5. The Credit Card drop down appears
    a. If a credit card is already on file, that information appears
    b. Select it and click the green Save button in the upper right

     c. If there are multiple cards, select the one the customer wants you to use

6. If this is a new card, click the Add a New Card button
   a. Enter the credit card number
   b. Enter the security code (CVV)
   c. Enter the expiration month and year

7. Click Save
8. Click Save to save the customer's billing page

Once a Work Order is completed, an Invoice is generated and it is automatically paid at that time. 

Note The system won't automatically charge the card for existing open invoices; only future invoices.

Tip Auto Pay automatically pays the invoice when it is generated regardless of the date you put on the Invoice.

When you open the Invoice you'll see the auto payment at the bottom right corner of the invoice.

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Also watch this video:


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