A statement is a collection of unpaid and overdue invoices that is used to collect monies owed to you by your customers. The Automated Statement option is great for accounts with multiple service locations or multiple services each month and your customer would only like to receive one statement per month listing each service date, location, description, cost, etc.

Key Points

  • Automate statements to send to your customers on a specific day of the month

  • Generate Statements from the customer's Billing page

  • Generate Statements from Sales > Statements

  1. Edit a customer's Billing page

  2. At the bottom click Automation Type and click Generate Statement

  3. Select the day of the month to send it; first, last, or specific day

  4. Select Unpaid & Overdue or Overdue only

  5. Select Email statements automatically to all invoice recipients

If the account does not have an email address or the account is set up not to receive invoices, a statement is still generated. Once the statements start accumulating go to Sales > Statements, and filter Emailed > No and bulk print from there.

The statement will show how late the invoices are as it tallies up the the overdue dates of 30, 60, 90, and + 90 days in the bottom right corner.

To see if a statement was emailed, go to:

  1. Reports > Email Statuses
    look for emails with the subject line: Statement attached

  2. Sales > Statements
    look at the Emailed Date column, those with a date have been emailed

  3. Go into the customer's account and click the Statements tab, the Emailed Date column will have the date the statement was emailed.

For more information about Statements, see: Account Statements - managing through Sales > Statements

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