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Move or reschedule my training schedule in my calendar
Move or reschedule my training schedule in my calendar

How do I move my training program schedule around in my training calendar?

Updated over a week ago

Gone on holiday and missed a week? No problem, shift your training back in the App!

Please note this will move the whole program, not just single days. So don't worry, everything will remain in the order the coach built it in, just to suit your schedule a little more.

Head into the training part and look for the reschedule icon in the top right. Please check with your coach what type of program they're using if you don't see the icon option in the App. You're only able to move a 'Fixed Length' or 'Session 1 Day 1' type program.

A new screen will open telling you where you currently are in the program, and asking where you'd like to move to. Enter the week and day number you'd like moved to the CURRENT calendar day and press confirm.

You're only able to move to a point in the program you've got to, i.e. you can't jump ahead.

Once you press confirm, your calendar will be updated and the week/day number you chose will appear on the CURRENT calendar date.

If you've started the program and want to change the start date to a calendar date ahead of time, for example if today's date is 1st January and you'd like the 6th of January to be day 1 week 1, you'll need to wait until the 6th of January and then use this feature. This is because this feature always looks to what the current day is and then moves the program in relation to that as you wish.

If you haven't started the program and want to change your scheduled start date, please see this help article.

If you need more help, please contact us on live chat.



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