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Adding Watchers To A Work Order
Adding Watchers To A Work Order

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add watcher users or groups to a work order.

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Download PDF โ†’ AddingWatchertoaWorkOrder.pdf

2. Click into the work order that you want to add a watcher user or groups to.

3. Click the edit pencil icon under the WATCHERS tag.

4. Select the user or user groups (our group example here would be Blue or Red)

5. The watcher(s) will then be tagged.

6. Click "Clear selections" if you want to clear the watcher(s).

7. Once cleared you will see that no watchers are tagged for the work order.

8. To notify the watchers of the work order in the comments, type @watchers and it will send a notification to all watchers.

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