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Preventive Maintenance Checklist
Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Create a PM Checklist Template to copy to multiple PMs

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Download PDF โ†’ CreatePMChecklist.pdf

2. Click "PM Schedules"

3. Click "Create PM Schedule"

4. Click "Add Item"

5. Click the "Add New Checklist Item" field.

6. Enter your checklist name, then click "Add".

7. You can click and drag the items around as you wish.

8. You will see the items are now in a different order.

9. To delete an item, click on the red trashcan icon.

10. You can add as many checklist items and delete as many as you need.

When you update a PM Checklist Template, this will update all PMs that are associated with the PM Checklist Template, so you don't have to go and update all PMs.

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