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How do I create an account and sign in?

There are two ways to create an account and sign into Gatheround

  1. Sign In With Google – If you already have a Google Account you can use it to access Gatheround. Click "Sign in With Google" and insert your Google Account credentials when prompted.

  2. Sign In With Email – If you don't have a Google Account or would prefer to gain access to Gatheround via a non-Google email, insert any email you'd like in the "Enter email address" field and then click "Sign In With Email." You'll receive a unique email to your address with a link to "Sign in to Gatheround". Click this and you'll be brought back to Gatheround and automatically logged in.

How do I change my profile picture?

If you sign in with a Google Account, your Google Account profile photo will appear in Gatheround. To change your photo in Gatheround, you must change it on your Google Account. (Read more on how to do this.)

If you sign in with email (i.e. you do not link a Google Account to Gatheround), you do not receive a profile picture and—for now—are unable to add one. Instead, an icon will appear in lieu of your photo. If you'd like a profile picture to appear in Gatheround, sign in via a Google Account.

How can I access the events I’ve hosted?

You can access your event history by clicking on your profile in the upper-right corner of your screen, or go directly to

Clicking on the event name will allow you to edit the historical event, access the event’s URL, or duplicate the event (like a “Save As”).

Check out our help center for more info!

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