Subdomains and SSO on Gatheround

Gaining access to Gatheround via your company log-in

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If your organization has integrated its authentication service with Gatheround, it's easy and secure to get onto the platform with your standard login credentials.

Let's take an example—a company called TriangleCo—to illustrate how to gain access via SSO:

  1. Go to your company's Gatheround subdomain — usually (i.e.

  2. Click "Sign in" on the top right of the page

  3. Select the colored Sign in button with your company's logo (i.e. "Sign in with TriangleCo ID")

  4. Insert your account credentials to gain access to Gatheround

Note: If you go to our standard domain without your company prefix (i.e. you will not see your organization's unique log-in authentication option. For security purposes, it's critical you always go to your subdomain to gain access to Gatheround.

What happens if I don't log in via my organization's subdomain?

No worries! If you erroneously log in via a Google Account or by inserting your email, get in touch with us. We will migrate your account information (including any events you may have created) to your correct subdomain account.

How do I invite external participants to Gatheround events hosted on my organization's subdomain?

To invite external participants to your event(s), you need to drop the company-specific prefix to your event url. (Be careful to ensure that everything after remains the same.)

For example, if you create an event for TriangleCo that you intend to send externally, you need to drop the prefix for participants without a TriangleCo log-in, so the url begins with simply

Keep in mind: if you're inviting other members of your own company to join, send them the full url with the company prefix. (i.e.

If you're an administrator who is interesteded in an SSO integration with Gatheround, contact us from our plans page.

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