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Granting someone view-only access to a recipe or a book
Granting someone view-only access to a recipe or a book

Share meez content using the view-only function.

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Granting view access is available to:

  • Plans: Business, Premium, and Premium Plus

  • Team Members: Account Owner, Editors, and Editor/Managers


If you have a Business or Premium subscription of meez, you can grant users view-only access to your content, including individual or multiple recipes, recipe books, and Docs. Your subscription includes an unlimited number of these viewers.

When you do so, the receiver will see a live version of your content, including any updates you make. However, they cannot edit or change that content.

You can also grant view-only access to all of the content in a concept or location by adding the recipient as a team member. Learn more about concepts and team members here.


Granting View-Only access from the Home Table Page:

1) To grant access to single item, go to the more menu to the right of the item

2) To grant access to multiple items, click the select box to the left of the items you'd like to share

3) Granting View-Only access from a Detail Page

Go to the more menu (the 3 dots) at the top of the page in the navigation bar.

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