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Adding images and videos to recipes
Adding images and videos to recipes
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You can add images and videos to prep steps in your recipes, as well as add a cover image of the finished recipe/dish.

There are 3 easy ways to add Images and Videos to your recipes

  1. Drag/Drop an image or video right into a prep step

  2. Choose from your photo library by clicking the image icon

  3. Taking a pic/video right from your phone or tablet

The available file formats you can use are MOV, MP4, JPG, JPEG, HEIC, or PNG.

Each video up to 2min or 200MB.

***PRO TIP: If you are dragging a video into a prep step using iPhoto, Apple converts those videos into images, make sure to first drag them to your desktop, THEN drag them into your meez step.

Add a Cover Image

It's best to use a landscape or square image for this

If you have more questions, you can email for help.

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