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Generating a public URL for a recipe
Generating a public URL for a recipe

let anyone see a simple version of your meez recipe

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Generating public URLs is available to:

  • Plans: All plans

  • Team Members: Account Owner, Editors, and Editor/Managers

Due to popular demand, we've released a feature for you to share your recipes with the public without requiring a meez account for viewers outside of the culinary industry. This is a great option to share a link with your fans, guests, customers, etc. on social media, in marketing emails or even on your website.

To make your recipe public, simply follow the video demonstration below:

The link is a 'view-only' simple version of your recipe to provide to anyone you like. They cannot edit the recipe, but they will see any updates you make to your recipe.

The viewer will not see any of the cost data or any of the other tabs on the right.

For example:

This is an example of a recipe in your database:

And here is what that recipe will look like as a public link to others:

For more information or to make suggestions and requests, please send us an email at

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