Scaling recipes

meez makes it quick and easy to scale your recipes to make exactly the amount you need.

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In meez you and every team member can scale & convert units in recipes simultaneously.

There are 3 ways to scale in meez:

1. Change the quantity of any ingredient

2. Change the Total Yield

3. Change the Batch Size

***When scaling you want to make sure you are in view mode***

1. Change the quantity of any ingredient

Running low on semolina flour? Or maybe your making a liver mousse and recipe is based on amount of duck livers??? No problem, simply change the quantity of any ingredient, and the recipe scales for you automatically!!!

•Just click the quantity you want to change in your recipe and a type a new one.

2. Change the Total Yield

You can also change the amount of desired total yield.

Type in the new yield qty and press tab or enter, and all of your ingredients will scale.

3. Change the Batch Size

Choose a standard 1x, 2x, 1/2x, etc. Or customize using any number, fraction or decimal (1/3x, 0.45x, 55x).

•You can select from the drop down or type in a new custom batch size and then press tab or enter.

•All of your ingredients will scale!

Want to convert units in a recipe directly?

Switch between units of measurement with ease in meez!

Make sure you're in view mode! (or creating a custom batch)

Just click the unit and type a new one, that's it!

meez's built in database of ingredients ensures that every unit will convert the right way. Learn more about unit conversion here.

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