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Inventory system integration add on
Inventory system integration add on

meez can integrate with 3rd party inventory management systems like Restaurant365, MarginEdge, MarketMan, and more.

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Inventory system integration is available to customers on the Premium and Premium Plus subscription plan. To request this service, reach out to


If you use an inventory management system (IMS) like Restaurant365, MarginEdge, MarketMan, Compeat, or others, we can integrate it into your meez account so you can see up-to-date ingredient costs right in your recipes.


  • Get ingredient costs uploaded to your meez account directly from your inventory system.

  • Ensure your recipe costs and food cost percentages are always up to date

Note: two-way integration is only available to customers on the Premium Plus subscription plan

Two-Way Integration:

Note: we currently only support two-way integration with Restaurant365

I.M.S. ➡️ Meez

This integration allows for the movement of ingredient costs from R365 into meez. Each inventory item can be assigned to a meez ingredient, so that you see the most up-to-date costs for every ingredient.

Meez ➡️ I.M.S.

Once your recipes are costed, we can push the recipes from meez into R365, where you can then see your theoretical food costs based on your sales.

To learn more, contact

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