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Creating menus

Creating your first Basic menu.

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Menus are available to:

  • Plans: Premium (limited access) and Premium Plus

  • Team Members: Account Owner and Managers

How to Create a Menu

  • To Create your first Menu, you can click on the Menu Tab and click on the big blue "Create your first Menu" Button! Or you can create a new Menu by click the blue +New button up in the upper right corner and select Menu!

  • Next name your Menu and select the Concepts and or Locations that will have access to this Menu.

How to add a Menu Item Name

The next step after creating your Menu is to name and add your first Menu Item. On your new menu's screen click on the blue "Add menu item".

The Menu Item Modal will appear and you can name your item here! Naming your item the same as you would on your customer facing menu will make it easy for you to review and compare information.

Next in the search bar below the Menu item name is where you search for the Recipe or Ingredient you would like to add to this Menu Item. You can add one item, or multiple to create a dish, whatever Recipes or Ingredients you use to create your Menu item.

For example your Menu item could be one Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Or Your Menu item could be a plate of assorted cookies.

*Remember to fill in the quantity(example above is 3) and unit of measure (example above is "each") for every Recipe or Ingredient you use!

Add a Category

Your next step will be to add your Menu Item to a Category. Is your menu item in your Dessert section of your locations menu? Is it a Breakfast item, Entrée, Platter or Special? In the Category column, click on Add and create or add your item to a category that you want it to be listed under.

Input Sell Price

Now you can add your Sell Price. Watch how your Food Cost, Food Cost % Profit Margin are all calculated and filled in for you!

Need to Delete a Menu or Menu item?

To Delete a Menu Item just click on the trash can to the far right of the item's row.

To Delete a Menu, click on the three dots to the far right of the Menu's row and then select Delete from the drop down menu.

What about this Quantity Sold and other columns of information?

Interested in the more options and calculations our Menus feature has to offer? Check out our more advanced Menu features that are available with a Premium Plus Subscription! Want to upgrade and get those features? You can upgrade to Premium Plus from your Profile page on the app or contact our Sales Team!

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