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How to request a spot in a public match
How to request a spot in a public match

If you have level restrictions to join an open match, you can request a spot and wait for the approval of the rest of the players

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If you want to join an open match but you don't have the required level for that match, you can 'Request a spot' to be included, even if you couldn't join due to level and accuracy restrictions (Yeah! 💃🏻) You will only have to wait for the approval of the rest of the players to confirm your spot and pay your share!

How to request a spot

If you are an off-level player, you can still participate by requesting a spot.

  1. Go to 'Matches' and book your spot in a leveled match. If you can’t join due to level and accuracy restrictions, request a spot to be included.

  2. Players already registered will receive a notification with each of the new players seeking to join the match and who have requested a spot.

  3. You can check the status of the requests

All they have to do is press the 'Accept' button to give the go-ahead. If all the players who already joined the match accept your request, you will need to pay for your spot and it is confirmed 👌🏻

You can use the public chat to inform the rest of the players of your request.

🚨 NOTE: The player who wants to join the match must be accepted by all of the other players who joined previously. However, it is enough for one player to reject the requested in order to not be accepted.

How to accept or reject spot requests

  1. Open the match screen, and click on pending requests

  2. Choose if you want to accept or reject the spot request

  3. Once the player has been accepted, they will receive a notification and they will only have to pay for their spot.

What happens if you have rejected a player by mistake?

If you have rejected a request for an out-of-level player but have changed your mind, you can still accept him/her 💃🏻

  1. Check the rejected players from the list clicking on "requests voted"

  2. Click on the "green tick" to accept the request

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