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Gender of the match in Public Matches
Gender of the match in Public Matches

Now you can choose the gender of an open match

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Choose the gender of a public match

Now you can define and filter the gender of an open match. This feature aims to provide a more personalized and comfortable experience for all users, ensuring that they can connect with others in a way that aligns with their preferences.

With the introduction of the "Gender of the Match" feature, users now have the ability to define and filter matches based on gender. There are four options available for an open match:

  1. No Restriction - All (already available): This is the default option, where there are no gender restrictions, and all genders can create and join the match. If no specific change is made regarding the gender of the match, it will be set as "All Gender" by default.

  2. Only Women: This option allows only women to create and join the match. Only women can create and join this type of match.

  3. Only Men: This option allows only men to create and join the match. Only men can create and join this type of match.

  4. Mixed: For those who enjoy a diverse and inclusive environment, the "Mixed" option allows for both men and women to be part of the match. Each team consists of a man and a woman.

The “Gender of the Match” feature will only affect open matches. Not bookings, or Community Matches - public and private - will be affected.


The gender of a match is determined by the first player who registers for a public match. By default, the match will have no gender restriction (Not Restriction - All Gender). However, if the first player wishes to specify a particular gender, they can do so during the creation process.

Once a match is created and registered, it is not possible to edit or change the gender setting. This ensures that the integrity of the match remains intact and that all participants are aware of the gender dynamics from the outset.


It's important to note that if a user attempts to join a match with a gender restriction that does not align with their own gender, they will be unable to participate. This restriction ensures that the gender preferences set by the match creator are respected and upheld.

Keep in mind that once the match gender is chosen, it cannot be changed, so the only way to change the gender is to delete (if possible) the public match and create a new one.

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