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Using the Navigation Bar in Trail
Using the Navigation Bar in Trail

Understand the power of the navigation bar to quickly access important pages in Trail

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In this article you will learn:

  • What are the main pages you can jump to on your Navigation Bar (to your left) in Trail

  • Broadly what these pages contain

Clicking on these buttons will take you to the relevant pages:

Your Pipeline

Your home button and pipeline tab. Clicking on these will always bring you back to your most recently viewed pipeline.

To further familiarize yourself with the pipeline, here’s an article on understanding the uses of different pipelines


Here you’ll see all upcoming and overdue activities that you need attending to. A red circle indicates you have overdue activities.

This page is effective to help you manage your day-to-day activities πŸš€


Here you can find all contacts or profiles you have created in Trail. You can also see the clients and profiles your teammates have assigned to them (if you have permission to do so).

Find out how to manage your contacts and profiles from here πŸš€


Here you’ll find all loans, insurance policies, and investment products assigned to you.

To get a better understanding of how to manage products, click here πŸš€


Your Mailbox contains all of the emails from your integrated email inbox plus. any that you've sent from Trail.

If you need a quick refresher on integrating your email address, please click here πŸš€


Your reports tab. Here you can visualize your key statistics about opportunities and activities. You can also download full comprehensive reports about your business.

To find out how to generate reports from Trail, click here πŸš€

Registers (KAN ONLY) 🧑

Your registers contain various information about your business as well as provide an area to upload your PI cover. You can use these registers to manage complaints, overview your referrers, and upload Key Company Documents for everyone to access.

Resources (KAN ONLY) 🧑

This is your one stop shop for all lender information, documents, and calculators! It also contains commissions information as well as the contact details for the majority of all lenders across NZ. Our team updates this regularly as we receive updates from each provider.

You may also access many referral links with special offers here as well πŸ‘€

Commissions (KAN ONLY) 🧑

Our Accounts Team who processes all of your commission payments also updates your business' very own portal that contains all processed commisions, trail payments, and commissions receipts.


Here is where you can find all of your Trail settings, including those that effect your personally as well as the organisation as a whole.

Help Center

Click here to go directly to our Help Center, which contains guides and walkthroughs on virtually anything you can do in Trail! We keep updated with new features are released ✨

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