In Golfmanager, we keep working to improve your experience as a manager.

Therefore, every week we develop new features that we want you to be informed about so you can get the most out of them. 🙌

🔗 Prinex: new connection with an accounting system

We connect Golfmanager with Prinex accounting system. Export your tickets and invoices from one program to another in less than 1 minute, in their respective accounts, saving time and possible human errors.

💰 You can now pay at the POS from the customer's profile

Previously you could go to a customer's profile, access their debts, and pay from there. But this page did not allow you to make split payments or pay with vouchers.

Now, with this improvement, when you select the lines you want to pay, those sales will be opened in the POS where you will be able to use all the payment power provided by this page.

🧾 Advance ticket

If you are one of those who don't dare to ask for 100% prepayment from your customers when they book online, you will like this feature.

With this advanced feature, every time you collect a percentage (or deposit) of a booking online, the system will issue an advance ticket, canceling the day of play.

You can have all your bank charges synchronized with your tickets, making it easier to balance at the end of the month.

🔝 Your players can now become members online

Now your players will be able to become members from your website. They will be able to sign up and pay for their memberships from your website and book their green fees instantly with their new price.

We have also improved the experience of creating a new member. We have adapted the technology so that you can register any type of member from the POS and collect the first fee in fewer clicks.

We have eliminated the possibility of creating a new member from the customer file or from the fee list in order to organize and centralize everything in our powerful POS.

🖥 Find out about the latest developments in Golfmanager

Click on the blue bubble at the bottom left of your management software and click on the 'Changelog' button to see the latest updates in your management software at a glance.

💬 Your feedback is really important for us!

Please do not hesitate to reach us if you notice a bug or if you miss any functionality.

Go to the blue bubble at the bottom of the management software to talk to our team.

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