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#6 Golfmanager Changelog - September 2021
#6 Golfmanager Changelog - September 2021
These are the improvements that are already available to you in Golfmanager
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In Golfmanager, we keep working to improve your experience as a manager.

Therefore, every week we develop new features that we want you to be informed about so you can get the most out of them. πŸ™Œ

🧾 Adding the VAT number and contact information to the ticket.

We already know that when you pay for something at the POS, the system automatically issues a ticket or simplified invoice. If the customer has in his personal file the NIF and contact address, the system will add this information to the ticket so that this customer can deduct it.

🎨 Adding colors to the most used buttons

We have been improving the design of Golfmanager for a few weeks. In this new version, we colored the "New" and "Delete" buttons in green and red respectively. In addition, the "Delete" button has been aligned to the right, away from the rest, so that it is easier to locate it and you don't press it by mistake.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦± Adding the collective to the online sale of quotas

Now, you can limit the contracting of a specific quota to a specific group. For example, if you want to sell online a "Buggy Membership Fee", only customers with this group in their profile will be able to see it and purchase it.

πŸ” Block a customer from booking online

A customer has refunded your fee but is still booking? A customer books and doesn't come and you want to penalize them? Now, you can go to that customer's profile, in the "Others" section and activate the new option "Blocked". With this change, the customer will not be able to make new bookings for that customer until the problem is solved and the block is manually deactivated.

πŸ’³ Credit payment method for credit customers only

If you are one of those who prefer to close a ticket "on credit" instead of leaving it as pending payment, you will like this improvement. Now, you can create an "On credit" payment method, which carries its own series of delivery notes and not tickets, and activate the option "Only for credit". This option will validate at the time of closing the ticket that the customer has the "credit" option activated in their file, thus minimizing errors.

πŸ”” Booking confirmations with extras

Before, when you made a booking for a rate that contained an extra, if one of these products had a price of 0€ (the green fee or the extra), that line would appear on the POS as paid.

When the green fee had a price of €0, the booking on the occupancy plan was shown as paid and the user at reception could not see if there was an extra pending payment within that booking.

Now, both lines appear pending payment, so the user will see in the occupancy plan that the reservation is not paid, will go to the POS, and will see what is pending. In this way, we will not let anything go unpaid.

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ No show of a paid booking

Now, you can free up the space occupied by a "No show" from the schedule without having to cancel the sale. If a customer does not come to play one day and has not given sufficient notice, we can mark that booking as a no show and select the option "Cancel booking and keep sale".

Before the system warned you that you could not cancel the reservation and keep the sale as paid, now you can. By pressing this option the green fee will be canceled, freeing up that space, but the sale will still count for reporting and accounting purposes.

πŸ‘¨πŸ» We added "Is member" to the booking type.

This improvement is directly related to the widget and the app.

With the "You are a member" option in the booking type, the booking experience is excellent as the member gets only their own rates when booking for themselves, and only guest rates when booking for a friend.

We recommend you take a look at the widget as it is one of the most powerful widgets we have created.

🧾 Integration with the new accounting system Exact

We add to our portfolio of accounting software connected to Exact Online. One more alternative to make your Golfmanager synchronization with accounting software easy and fast.

πŸ‘¨πŸ» Name option in online package bookings.

Tour operators will now be able to add players' names when booking a package online.

πŸ“’ Validation of bookings when editing

Now, when you edit a booking already made in the booking plan, the system will scan all settings so that no settings are skipped. For example, if the booked rate is for a minimum of 4 players, the system will not allow you to edit one of them to another rate leaving only 3.

πŸ›’ It is not allowed to leave an extra only in the online cart

Previously, it was possible to add a green fee plus a buggy to the cart, and then remove the green fee leaving the buggy alone. Now, the system will throw an error to not allow you to book a buggy on its own.

🎨 New booking calendar design

We are adapting the booking plan for tablets and mobiles making the sidebar collapsible. By having the sidebar collapsed, the calendar appears in the top bar saving space on the screen. The filters that were there before, for the moment, are located on a button on the right side of the top bar. That large blank space below the sidebar calendar will be reused for each club to add a series of custom widgets with the tools that best help their booking team. And some small changes to the POS will be coming soon.

πŸ–₯ Find out about the latest developments in Golfmanager

Click on the blue bubble at the bottom left of your management software and click on the 'Changelog' button to see the latest updates in your management software at a glance.

πŸ’¬ Your feedback is really important for us!

Please do not hesitate to reach us if you notice a bug or if you miss any functionality.

Go to the blue bubble at the bottom of the management software to talk to our team.

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