In Golfmanager, we keep working to improve your experience as a manager.

Therefore, every week we develop new features that we want you to be informed about so you can get the most out of them. 🙌

🔔 Nationality warning when checking in a booking

We have added a new custom option for Golfmanager to alert you if there is a booking without nationality when checking in.

When this happens, you will get a yellow message at the top of the screen with this alert.

The advanced option is called: bookings.checkinCountryReminder

🕵️ Hide online members names

If you have the "members" view activated on your online booking page, you can now hide the names of the players. With this option, you will only show the names of the members you want. They just have to be in a collective, configure it with this advanced option, and only these names will be visible to other players.

This way, visitors or unwanted members will not see their names publicly.

The advanced option is called ebookings.membershipModeGroup.

🕵️ Encrypted Custom Field

Now, you have the possibility to create custom fields of type "encrypted". When you save the information, it will be encrypted and not visible to the user. You will see four asterisks ****. However, this information can be used for other tasks in the background, e.g. for bank accounts and direct debits.

💻 Integration with EDICOM

We are launching our integration with the Edicom platform to be able to exchange files with the Inland Revenue (Sii).

Edicom develops global solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic invoicing and the integration of applications based on efficient SaaS models.

📺 Link Output Display

Now, you can display the day's tee times on a TV in reception or anywhere else so players can see for themselves how the course is, who is playing, etc., and don't need to ask reception.

Simply, display the following link on your screen (club app + /admin/bookings/monitor?idView=1&day=0).

💰 Add balance manually

We have incorporated an "Add balance" button within a voucher so that you can play with balances without generating sales. This functionality can be limited by role.

🛍️ Updating units in a confirmed sale

We have introduced one change, plus many other small ones, which are worth mentioning.

Previously, you could add a sale line to the POS cart and, while it was yellow, you could change the units to edit it as needed. Once you paid for it the line went from yellow to green, or if you left it pending payment the line went from yellow to red.

In both actions, the system would "confirm" the sale. After confirming, the system still allowed you to edit the units of that sale.

With this new improvement, once the sale line is confirmed (green or red), the system will not allow you to modify the units. For security reasons, and because many mechanisms are activated when a line is confirmed, this change is necessary.

It doesn't happen very often, but if it ever happens, you will get an error "You cannot change the units of a confirmed sale".

🧾 New billing report

We are very happy to add a new billing report to Golfmanager where you can see perfectly the invoicing. Until now, we only had billing and sales (production) reports, but we were missing this one to understand and maintain in a simple way the accounting of our club.

This report allows us to modify past sales (production), but without altering the invoicing. For example: in the case of deleting a sale from last week, it will be cancelled, but the invoice from that day will be kept and a new rectifying document will be issued today. This report will reflect the invoicing in a simple and accurate way.

The report, as in the previous reports, includes a first area of collections but this time in a more readable way. In addition, it includes a second section "Alerts" where you can see if there is anything pending payment or pending invoicing, with a direct link to see the details.

To access the report, we only have to add to our URL the following: "admin/golf/invoicing". There is also the possibility to add it to your main menu. To do so, please contact our support team.

🇲🇽 Integration with the Mexican Tax Authorities

Mexican golf courses can congratulate themselves! Golfmanager is now legally prepared to operate in the country.

💰 Deposit bonus updates the selling price

If you have a voucher type with the option "Manage as deposit = Yes", you will notice a change when paying at the POS: the selling price of that item will be replaced by the voucher's "price per unit".

The price per unit is the average price of each of the units. For example: if we buy a voucher of 10 green fees for €500, the price per unit will be €50.

The option "Manage as deposit" was developed at the time so that the system, when paying a €60 green fee with the voucher, would create a new line with the same amount in negative to create a ticket with a total of €0, without changing the price of the original green fee.

The problem was that the long term accounting would not add up if you have paid in €500 in "prepayment" and subtracted 10 green fees at €60. With this change, when you pay with the voucher, the price of that green fee changes to the unit price of that voucher (€50) and generates the negative line for the same amount. In this way, the long-term accounting will add up perfectly.

👨‍🏫 Online Academy Sale 2.0

We are about to launch online lessons booking 2.0 in our widget and app.

Until now, using the booking and academy module together, you could book online lessons. With this change, the academy module will be able to sell online without the booking module, simplifying its configuration and maintenance.

To do this, among other things, we have added the time range in the tab of each teacher so you can add the working hours of each of them.

This improvement will give visibility to the system when you can add online lessons to a teacher and, in addition, the system will reflect the schedule of the day in the academy according to the availability of their teachers, and not as before, that always reflected the day from 00:00 to 23.59. Now, if they work from 8:00 to 15:00, the system will show the day's agenda only with those hours.

🇮🇹 Tax printer - Italy

As we did a few months ago with the Greek tax system, we have added a plugin for integration with the Italian tax system.

In this case, the tickets are first sent to the digital fiscal printer to, afterward, automatically add the necessary data in the physical ticket and thus comply with current legislation in Italy.

💰 Advances added to the settlement report (invoicing)

Thanks to this section that we have added to the settlement report (invoicing version), you can consult, according to a date or period, the advances collected, those canceled and the differential of both or Total.

Advance payments are charges that are collected as a deposit when booking online. They have their own separate simplified invoice and are refunded and re-invoiced when full payment of the booking is completed.

🛠 Restoring the old version of Fees

In the last version of Fees, which was developed a few weeks ago and which allowed, as the most important function, the possibility of selling Fees online, we added a modification that prevented the creation of a fee from the customer file and which obliged the creation of quotas always from the POS, generating a sales line corresponding to the receipt of the first installment of the quota in question.

Some of our customers have asked us to remove this limitation and to recover the possibility of creating an installment from the customer file. This is the same functionality that we have reinstated in this special version of Fee.

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