In Golfmanager, we keep working to improve your experience as a manager.

Therefore, every week we develop new features that we want you to be informed about so you can get the most out of them. 🙌

🎁 Extras in booking types

Previously, we had the possibility to add one or more extras to a booking type. When booking, not only the main product associated with that booking type is added, but these extras are also added.

We used to have two options: inseparable extra: yes or no. Now, we have removed this option to make the software easier, more intuitive and more consistent and all these extras are considered inseparable.

This means that when you sell this type of reservation and you go to the POS with lines of sale, you have to pay or cancel all of them at the same time. You will not be able to pay one line only and cancel another. This new improvement will make our software easier and more consistent.

🏆 New default customer selector field in 'Activities'.

Before, when creating a new activity, four questions were automatically generated by default: name, surname, email, and phone.

The limitation was that the system could only identify the player who was logged into the website at that time (logged into the club's booking website). If you wanted to add more people, and they had a different price, it would always be calculated with the prices of the logged-in person.

Now, we have created a new type of question: customer selector. With this selector, you will no longer have to fill in the previous default fields, and you will offer your customer the possibility to choose the players he wants to register directly from the club database and search for them by:

  • their list of friends

  • Search by name, DNI (whichever field the club prefers) or,

  • Search by DNI

There will also be a fourth empty field for those players who do not exist in the database (external or guest).

The system will be able to identify which player it is, see their customer typology, and apply the corresponding price to each of them.

From now on, this new selector will appear as the only default question when creating a new activity. The club will be able to delete it and/or add more required questions when registering a player for that activity.

Remember that we have recently added the possibility to add Extras to an activity registration.

👕 Shop modifications

We have improved the experience when creating a shop item.

Previously, you had some information about a shop product in several places on the product page (main screen, stock tab, variants tab, etc.), and now we've grouped it into one tab: stock. Also, there were no fields in the program for size, color, etc. and you had to create a custom field. Now, these fields are already there by default.

And one of the most important things: we put the concept of parents and children in the shop products. Before you saw all the products and their variants in the "product list", and now you will only see the parent. And within the tab of the parent product, in the stock tab, you will be able to see all its variants. This makes everything more orderly and the program even easier to use.

We have also taken the opportunity to add the image and description field, because we know that, soon, you will want to sell these products online, and we have everything ready for when you decide to do so.

There is another change that doesn't do much for the user directly but does a lot for the software. Simplifying the software, in the long run, is a benefit for the user, that's why we have done it. Before, you had a tab on the product screen with the stock and its movements. Now, the program takes you to the generic list of stock or movements with that product already filtered. The result is the same but executed in a different way.

Contact us if you want us to advise you on how to migrate your old information to this new format.

🍳 New integration with Apic Base

Apic Base is now available in your App Center, a software that will help you to control your kitchen stock, recipes, profitability, etc., and all perfectly synchronized with Golfmanager. If our stock system for restaurants is not enough for you and you want to take it to the highest level of excellence, this is the app for you.

💰 A new way to sell: Flexi Members

As you may already know, we are starting to work with UK courses, a priority market for Golfmanager.

Well, we are finding a very different way of managing golf courses. They have a very proactive mentality to bring out new products that encourage the consumption of their players, and this is one of the first ideas that we imported from that country.

This new way of selling. They call it Flexi Member and it means that you can top up a certain amount of points (e.g. 250 Flexi Points for only 200€) and during that time you get, thanks to that prepayment, better prices that you can pay with those points.

We have managed to meet the needs of this new product by simply adding a new field in the configuration tab of a voucher type: tags.

Now, when that voucher type is sold, the system will add that tag to the player as long as three conditions are met: the sale is confirmed, there is a balance >0, and it is valid according to the start and end date.

And as you know, having tags gives the customer exclusive access to a number of rates, in this case, special rates for Flexi Members.

We have added complexity to the software, but on the other hand, we have simplified it by removing the "Add balance" button on the voucher tab. In the spirit of simplifying what we can and trying to do as many things as possible from one place.

Now, when you want to modify the balance, you must go to the POS and top up that customer with that voucher and modify the amounts (e.g. -1 or 5) with price 0 in order not to generate a charge and simply update the balance.

You already have the possibility to add tags to all those players who have a voucher. We are at your disposal if you want to ask us more questions and be the first field to implement Flexi Points in your country.

NEW. In addition, in order not to be able to pay these special Flexi GF prices with a payment method other than "voucher", for example, "card" or "stripe", we have enabled a new field in the product sheet: "voucher", so that you can choose the only "type of voucher" with which you can pay for this product and thus not be able to cheat with this new type of Flexi sale.

We have added complexity to the software but, on the other hand, we have simplified by removing the "Add balance" button, in the voucher tab, in order to simplify what we can and try to do the most sites from the same place.

Now, when you want to modify the balance, you must go to the POS and top up that customer with that voucher and modify the amounts (e.g. -1 or 5) with price 0 so as not to generate a charge and simply update the balance.

You already have the possibility to add tags to all those players who have a voucher. We are at your disposal if you want to ask us more questions and be the first field to implement Flexi Points in your country.

📄 You can now create recapitulative invoices

Now you can make your invoices summary of a day, week, or month in a more comfortable way. Just go to your company settings and select which series you are going to use for your summary invoices.

There are several ways to invoice in Golfmanager, all customized for your club, so we are here to advise you.

With this new option, we can group all those tickets of the day (simplified invoices) and group them into one single summary (or recap) invoice. This way, the system will not have to cancel the tickets to attach them to a complete global invoice (depends on the club configuration) or duplicate invoices.

When making the summary invoice for the period from the sales list as usual, in addition to the full invoice option, you will have the option in the drop-down to make a recap invoice. When creating this invoice, the system will save the first and last ticket to be shown on the invoice and to be able to export to accounting or Hacienda.

💰 It's Card

We have added a new field in the "Payment Method" tab: Is Card. What we do by marking this field is to tell the system to add the amount collected with this payment method to the amount collected by card at checkout.

There are clubs that have a second special form of payment type card (Global Payment) and they want to see it added to the normal card. Here is the solution.

💳 Global Payment

Did you know that with Global Payment you can connect your dataphone to Golfmanager to avoid having to manually enter the amount to be charged to the customer, thus gaining speed and eliminating errors?

Now we improve this functionality by adding to the Golfmanager purchase ticket the ticket information (merchant number, card number, type of card, etc.), saving paper, and gaining in the image.

🧾 Export your invoices to SAGE (Beta)

You now have the possibility to export, in addition to your invoices, your receivables to SAGE. Save time and balance invoices and receipts perfectly with this new feature.

🧾 Invoice the owner (Beta)

Now you can mark family members or any customer in your database in whose name you want to invoice their sales. It is very common in social fields that a quota is created for all family members, but these are paid by the owner.

Before, you could pass all these fees to the account holder's account, and now the invoices will be according to the name.

All you have to do is go to the "Beneficiary" tab and in the "Billing details" section choose the account holder from the clients in your database.

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