In Golfmanager, we keep working to improve your experience as a manager.

Therefore, every week we develop new features that we want you to be informed about so you can get the most out of them. 🙌

💰 Cashkeeper

New integration! Cashkeeper offers golf clubs the possibility for players to enter money into a machine instead of giving it to an employee, thus gaining security, speed and avoiding possible cash misplacements.

This integration will allow you to automatically send the amount to be collected to the Cashkeeper machine, and the Cashkeeper will automatically link it to Golfmanager when the payment has been accepted. This connection will allow clubs using this type of machine to operate more quickly.

🎨 POS Design

In order to improve the POS experience, we've collapsed the keyboard so you can see more sales lines in your cart. Almost every time you go to the POS is to cancel or pay for something, so the buttons you'll always see are the "Checkout" and "Cancel" buttons. By clicking on the "3 dots" you can expand the keyboard and operate as usual.

In addition, we have added the functionality of "Remind" how you like to have the keyboard, so if you like it expanded, it will always appear that way when you enter the POS again because the system will remember how you had it in the last sale.

🎨 Collapsed Reservations sidebar

As with the POS, we are trying to make the reservation plan take up as little space as possible in order to adapt it to tablets and mobiles.

Now, the calendar sidebar will appear collapsed but, don't worry, you can expand it by clicking on the arrow ">" and it will always stay extended until you collapse it again.

Below this calendar, we will be adding widgets with tools chosen by each club to better manage their bookings.

🎨 New customer screen design

With the aim of continuing to improve the usability of the program, we released a new design of a client's file so that, at a glance, you can clearly see your client's information.

🎨 New design of the booking and invoicing screen

We also improved the way of presenting the data in the detail of:

  • A reservation.

  • A payment.

  • A sale.

  • An invoice.

💳 Open top-up in the widget and app wallet

Until now, the wallet bonus top-ups were limited to fixed amounts of money (€20, €50, etc.) without the player being able to choose an open amount.

Now, the club can activate the option in the voucher settings "Allow any amount" and the customer will be able to choose whether they want to top up €23 or €72.

The good thing about this option is that the money is toped up into the same wallet, which was previously not the case with reloads of different amounts as they had to be configured as separate vouchers. This option is enabled only for our widget and app.

🛒 Cancellation of bookings at reception from the website

Now, bookings made to your customers from the reception can be canceled from the website by the customers.

🛒 Let each player pay their share

We've added the possibility for each player to pay their proportional share from the widget and the app.

Now, when you land in the cart, you can pay for everything or select what you want to pay for.

So, from now on, you don't have to front the money for your friend. At this point, your friend has 15 minutes to pay from their widget profile and app for that booking or it will be released. This is one of the great reasons why you should get our widget that you will be hearing a lot about very soon.

⛳ Junction ignores if the tee is available online

Previously on the website, if the 10th tee was hidden online, you couldn't make 18 hole bookings off the 1st tee as the junction of the 1st tee was not available as the resource was hidden.

Well, now the system ignores that validation and this saves creating some extra types of bookings.

🗓️ New improvements on the counter of available rentals

We changed the algorithm for calculating how many rentals (e.g. buggies) you have available at any given time.

Previously, the counter took into account the use of that buggy from game time onwards but did not take into account that, before game time, that this buggy cannot be sold to another person.

The system visually made you understand that you had buggies available, but when you booked, it showed an availability error. Now, with this change in the counter, you will have better visibility if you have an extra available or not.

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