You have the ability to have an email sent out to guests if their reservation is modified; for example, if their dates of stay are changed.

You can also decide which changes to the reservation will trigger the update email, and which changes should be ignored.

To create a reservation update email, start by navigating to Emails > Scheduled emails, and click the Add new button in the pre-stay stage:

Choose Reservation confirmation.

Configure the content of your email as you usually would. An example of what you might put in the body:

Next, go to the Sending rules tab. Under When should the email be sent? open the drop down box and choose Guest updated:

A new setting will appear called Watch fields:

In that drop down box, choose all of the details that should trigger the update email to be sent:

Then make any other changes you require, save the email, and activate it.

Any updates to reservations based on the rules you set will trigger this email to be sent.

Note: At present, this update email cannot be triggered based on a change to the reservation status, meaning that it cannot be used as a "reservation cancellation" email.

This functionality will be added in future.

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