Generally speaking, a single email (for example, one upsell email) is enough for most customers, and further customisation is not required.

However, it is also possible to add segmentation to emails, meaning that you can restrict which guests should receive an email based on the criteria you select.

Before learning about the technical side of how segmentation for emails works, we would recommend that you read this article to get more of an idea about email segmentation, and whether you actually need it in your setup of GuestJoy.

The Segmentation tab

When you click on the Segmentation tab, it will look something like this (the available fields differ based on your PMS):

  1. Segmentation tab

  2. Segmentation options

  3. Email visibility - how many guests will receive this email, based on the upcoming 28 days of reservations

  4. Save button - don't forget to save any changes you add!

If you want this email to be sent to ALL guests

If you want this email to be sent to all guests, you do not need to make any selections on this page. You only need to select anything if you want the email to be sent only to CERTAIN guests.

If you want this email to be sent only to CERTAIN guests

Here is an explanation of how the email segmentation options work.

Individual segmentation options

Each option is based on data that we receive from your PMS. For this example, we are just going to look at Room Type Name.

With just this option selected, it means that only people staying in Deluxe Double Rooms will receive this email.

Include or exclude

The dropdown box at the start of each row allows you to either include or exclude your selection from receiving the email. Therefore, with the following selection:

It means that all guests will receive this email except for guests staying in the Deluxe Double Room.

When multiple values are selected in one option

If you choose more than one value for an option, the test used on them will be "OR". So, if we make a selection like this:

It means that in order to receive this email, a guest must be staying in either the Deluxe Double Room, or the Junior Suite.

When multiple options are used

If you have chosen values from more than one segmentation option, the used used between them is "AND".

So, if we make a selection like this:

It means that in order to receive this email, a guest must be staying in either the Deluxe Double Room, or the Junior Suite; AND there must only be 1 adult on the reservation.

So you can see that quickly, adding too many options and values to test for greatly narrows down the number of guests who will receive the email.

For this reason, it's vital to plan carefully to make sure you are communicating with all guests as intended.

Examples of how segmentation might look for different scenarios

The following are some examples of how email segmentation might look for the scenario stated.

"I want to have two upsell emails being sent; one for guests who booked via an OTA, and one for all other guests"

Let's look at the values in the Channel option (this will be different for you):

In this case, you could achieve your goal rather easily. The segmentation for the email to be sent to non-OTA guests might look like this:

And to cover all OTA guests, the second email simply needs to have the opposite selected - exclude direct:

"My property is in Iceland, and I want this particular email to be sent to overseas guests - the locals don't need to see it"

This is a fairly common request in tourist centres; substitute with your country and language.

For example, properties in Budapest might have some information they want overseas tourists to receive, but the local guest doesn't need to see such information.

Anyway, for this example, it's pretty straightforward:

Just keep in mind that sometimes, there are reservations without a language specified. In this case, the email will still be sent, and it might be that the guest is a local.

Some things to consider

👉 Remember that the values you can choose for each option are dependent on the data we receive from your PMS. So, if it looks like a value is missing from a list (eg. maybe a rate code is not in the list), it's almost certainly because we do not yet have a reservation that has that value in it.

👉 Don't go into the world of email segmentation lightly! Plan, plan, plan! It's vital to carefully consider what your segmentation goals are, and how to apply the correct segmentation so that all guests receive an email.

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