You can have emails scheduled to send to your guests at all parts of their experience with you; prior to their arrival, during their stay, and after their departure (depending on the modules you use).

Let's have a quick look at the various types of emails that can be sent at each stage.

Pre-stay emails


Boost RevPAR by offering your guests room upgrades, services, add-ons, and more. There are many attractive templates to choose from based on your preferences. Guests will see the right offers for them based on the segmentation rules that you apply.


As the name suggests, information emails will contain vital information for guests prior to their arrival. You can use this email type to replace the tired, boring confirmation email that your PMS sends with a GuestJoy version. This email is designed to be sent as soon as the reservation is received, and including upsell content is optional by changing the email template you use.


Have your guests submit their check-in information prior to their arrival. This ensures a faster, safer arrival for your guest, and saves your front desk staff valuable time.

Reservation comfirmation

There are 2 types of confirmation emails: One that is sent when GuestJoy initally receives the reservation, and an update email, which is sent when a reservation is modified.

It is not recommended to use these emails if GuestJoy does not synchronise with your PMS at least every hour.

During-stay emails


The idea behind the during-stay feedback email is to ask the guest if everything is going well with their stay so far. If so - great! If not - it means you have an opportunity to potentially fix any problems the guest might be having, while they are still at your property. If you can do so, it makes for a fantastic guest experience.
You are able to specify the minimum guest stay length that qualifies to receive the email, as well as determining on which day of their stay the email should be sent.


During-stay information emails can be very useful. For example, you might want to create an email which is sent to a guest on the evening of their arrival date, welcoming them and asking what their plans for dinner were - at which point, you can introduce them to your in-house restaurant!

We even have customers who removed the in-room guest compendium due to COVID-19, and replaced it with a digital version thanks to GuestJoy.


Same as pre-stay upsell emails, however your focus might be different, because the guest is already at the property, meaning, for example, that they don't need to know about things like early check-in!

Post-stay emails


Thank the guest for choosing your property. Invite them to come back. And most importantly, ask them to rate their satisfaction with their stay. This provides you with valuable feedback, as well as boosting the number of reviews on the platform of your choice (the default is TripAdvisor), and in time, improve your ranking.

You can have multiple feedback emails.

People are busy. People get a lot of emails. People might see your first feedback email, and decide to act on it later, but then forget.Sending an extra feedback email is a great way to capture that extra feedback and those reviews that you might not otherwise get! The email is usually sent one week later, and only when the guest has not already rated their stay.


Once again, you blank slate is always available.

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