The HANDS HQ app is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to create a complete RAMS Project.

The creation of a project is broken down into 4 sections with another section if you have the HANDS HQ COSHH feature.

It is important to remember if you do not have all the relevant information when you create the Project you can go back and add it at a later date. 


  1. Project details
  2. Risk assessments
  3. Sequence of operations
  4. Method statement 
  5. COSHH (only for advanced customers and above)


This is the section where you add for when the Project will happen, where it will happen and who is involved.

Divided into different sections the only required field is the Project name to get started.

As you scroll down the page fill out the relevant information in each field.


When you reach the risk assessment section you will see a list of different Categories usually by trade e.g. working at height, HVAC, electrical.

What Category you select determines what will appear in the subsequent sections.

Within each Category, there will be subsections divided down into activities e.g. Using a ladder.

Each activity is then broken down further into a task with individual risk assessments for each hazard associated with it.

Each HANDS HQ risk assessment contains the following: task, hazards, consequences, control measures, risk score, residual risk score and people affected.

You can edit each section in the risk assessment

Example risk assessments:


Depending on what Category you selected in the risk assessment section will determine which sequence of operations you will see. Please note not all Categories have sequences of operations associated with it.

If you have missed a Category you can always go back to the risk assessment section to add it.

Under each Category, there will be a list of tasks.

Within each task there will be a number of subtasks that instruct you on how to undertake the selected task.

When you check the tasks you need you will see the sub-tasks drop down.

On the final Project, this section will appear as bullet points.

You can edit and re-arrange each section in the sequence of operations


The method statement consists of headings which will sometimes have text auto-filled underneath it.

This section tends to contain more general information about the Project e.g. entering the site.

The text that appears depends on what Categories you selected in the risk assessment section.

You can add images to each method statement section. These will auto-size to fit the page.

At the bottom is a section where you can select specific PPE requirements with the relevant image.

If you do not require a heading remove all the text underneath it.

The order that the method text appears is the order that it will appear in the final document.


Please note that COSHH is only available for Advanced monthly customers and above.

You will need to add COSHH assessments if you are using any substances hazardous to health in your Project.

How to add COSHH to your project 

All HANDS HQ COSHH assessments are created directly from the manufacturer's safety data sheets (MSDS).

You can search for COSHH assessments either by name, manufacturer or reference number.

If you cannot find the COSHH assessment you require please get in touch with a member of the HANDS HQ team with the MSDS file for what you require.

The COSHH assessments will appear at the end of your project and there will be a COSHH register contained in your Project.

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