To edit the method statement component of a Project, navigate to the Method Statement Page from the Project Contents Page.

Once you are on the Method Statement Page, you can begin making any changes to the text and images already contained within your method statement sections.

  1. Scroll to the section you wish to edit
  2. Click into the text box to add/delete any information
  3. You can also delete all the information in a method statement section to ensure that section's title does not appear in your final document.
  4. Add/resize/rotate/delete images in the section

Here are some tips for customising your method statement:

  • The default text in the method statement sections is general and we recommend that you edit it as much as you need to ensure that the final document is specific to your work and site.
  • Make sure you read the information in each section and decide if it is relevant/necessary to your job in that instance. If it isn't, delete the text. This will prevent your method statement being longer than it needs to be.
  • The order the method statement sections appear in is the order it will appear in the final document (If you have Content Editing, you can change this order).
  • The PPE requirements are usually found at the bottom of the page with the option to select icons and to outline specific PPE requirements in the text box below.
  • Adding images is a good way to make the document even more specific to your company and can reduce the need for wordier explanations.
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