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You can add images to the method statement section of your RAMS document. The images will appear under the text for that section of the Method statement.

All images files must be PNG or JPEG. You do not need to resize your images, the HANDS HQ platform will do this automatically

1) Firstly, navigate to the Method Statement Page of your project

  • Either by clicking next after editing the Sequence of operations, OR

  • Click the edit button for the method statement in the project menu

2) Next, scroll down to the section that you want to add the image to

Click 'Select image' or drag an image file from your computer into the dotted box.

3) Select the image/s from your computer to add them to the section

4) You can add a caption, resize, rotate and delete the image as needed

5) You can add multiple images in each section. To reorder the images click and drag the image to its required position

Add caption

This caption will appear below the image in your RAMS document.

Click '+ Add caption'

Type the caption and click on the green tick.

You can edit the caption by clicking on the caption text to bring up the text box again.

Change the size of the image

You are able to change how big the image appears in the final document.

Select small, medium or large on the sizing scale below the image.


If you need to rotate your image, click the arrow symbol below the image.

Keep clicking the arrow until the picture is the correct orientation.


You can delete any images you upload to the method statement.

To delete an image click the rubbish bin symbol.

Please note that this will permanently delete this image from your RAMS document.

The images will now appear in your RAMS document underneath the text of the section.


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