Editing the Sequence of Operations

Make project specific changes to a sequence of tasks / work and add images

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Project creation process

  • Project details page

  • Risk assessment

  • Sequence of operations

  • Method statement

Almost like a recipe, the sequence of operations section lets you create a step-by step instruction for a task. Sometimes called sequence of work / task, the information in this section is automatically formatted into a bullet-point list in your final document.

You can also add images each step!

How sequence of operations work

Based on the categories you selected in the risk assessment section, relevant sequence of operations will appear in this section.

You can add, remove and re-arrange tasks and sub-tasks in the sequence of operations section if there are relevant tasks for your selected categories and activities.

The changes below will only be for the specific project you are working on and any subsequent duplicates of that project. If you want to make permanent edits and additions to your sequences of operations, you will need to use our Content Editing feature, available on our Enterprise packages.

Remove tasks and sub-tasks

  • Navigate to the sequence of operations section

  • Any tasks you do not require in your RAMS documents uncheck the box next to the task and sub-task

Re-arrange tasks and sub-tasks

  • Hover the cursor to the left of the tick box over the 8 dots and an arrow cursor will appear

  • Click and drag the task or sub-task to its required position

Adding tasks

  • Scroll down and click '+ add task'

  • Enter the task in the text box and click 'add this step' when finished

Adding sub-tasks

  • Under each task you can add sub-tasks - click '+ add sub-task' under the main task

  • Type the sub-task in the text box and click 'add this step' when finished

  • The sub-task will automatically appear at the end of the list- click to the left of the of the tick box and arrows will appear, click and drag to re-arrange

Edit existing tasks and sub-tasks

  • Double click the text of the task or sub-task you need to edit

  • A text box will appear to edit the text on your project

  • When done click 'update'

When you are finished editing the sequence of operations click 'next' or 'save and exit' to save your changes.

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