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Add images to the sequence of operations
Add images to the sequence of operations

Add images, illustrations, photos and PDF documents to your sequence of operations.

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Posted 5th November 2020

Introducing: Images in sequence of operations πŸŽ‰

One of our most requested features is finally here! As the industry moves towards more pictorial RAMS, we want to make sure you can easily and quickly add images to your task descriptions in the sequence of operations section. This can help overcome language barriers and improve correct task completion - something that's vital in health and safety!

Adding images to your sequences in a project

Whether you're making a RAMS or a CPP project, the third step is the sequence of operations.

A button "Add images" now appears next to each sub-task in a sequence.

To add an image:

  • Select or create a task in the sequence of operations

  • Click 'Add images' πŸ–Ό next to the relevant sub-task

  • You can either upload from your device, or drop and drag a file

Image formatting options

  • Choose the image size using the slider: small, medium, or large β—‰

  • Add a caption βž•

  • Rotate the image ⃔

  • Delete πŸ—‘

You can add up to 9 images or files to one sub-task.

Supporting multiple formats: PDFs included

As part of the update, we have also added the ability to attach not only photos, but also PDFs to your method statement and sequence of operations: no need to convert your PDF files to images! This lets you add company specific documents, creating an even more robust safe system of work.

Pandemic special: Covid-secure sequence of operations with illustrations πŸ€’

To help communicate Covid-secure arrangements to your workforce, our H&S and design team have created a special sequence of operations for all our customers.

To add the Covid-secure sequence to a project:

  • Tick any risk assessment within the Covid-19 category in your project

  • Click 'Next' to get to the sequence of operations

  • Select the desired sequences within the Covid-19 category

  • The images will automatically appear where relevant

Default images in your sequences: Content Editing/ Risk Register

To add a default image in a sequence;

  • Go to Content / Risk Register (if enabled on your account; available for Enterprise accounts)

  • Choose the correct category to store the sequence in, click the three dots ... on the right > Edit Category

  • You'll land in the sequence of operations tab. Choose an existing sequence; click the arrow to expand

  • Alternatively, create a new sequence > Add task

  • Click "Add images" for the correct sub-task

  • Set the default image size, rotation, or caption

The changes will save automatically, and will apply to all future projects. Images will appear below the relevant sub task within your document.

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