How group assessment works in iQualify

As a manager you can set up assessments to allow learners to submit group work.

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This article covers our legacy activities and assessments. If you’re using tasks check out Introducing Tasks, however note group assessment is not currently available in Tasks.

Sometimes you may want your learners to take part in group work and submit their assessment as a group.  This is often used for project based learning but can support a variety of scenarios where learners are working together either face to face or online.

What you need to know

  • Group assessments need to be enabled in your environment. Email our support team to ask them to make the group assessment setting available in Manage.

  • A group assessment needs to be set up as an open response assessment. This allows learners to submit free text, or upload a file such as a video, image or document.

  • Group assessment can be enabled for a particular open response assessment in a course. You can have some (or all) assessments in the course that are group assessments, and some that are individually assessed.

  • One person from the group submits the assessment on behalf of the group.

  • All learners in the group will receive a notification to let them know the assessment has been received.

  • Group assessments can be marked by either a facilitator or coach. The mark and feedback given will apply to all the learners in the group.

  • A group assessment needs to be set up before any learners have submitted an assessment.

How to set it up:

There are a couple of different options for how this can be set up.

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