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How to allocate a coach to a learner

A manager or main facilitator can allocate a coach to individual learners so the coach can provide feedback and also mark assessments.

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A learner can have a coach allocated to them so the coach can provide support and feedback throughout a course. Coaches can view and mark tasks, and - depending on marking template chosen - provide feedback. They can also review and provide feedback and/or a mark on peer evaluations.

A coach also has access to the course content. They will receive notifications when the learners they are allocated to submit tasks. 

Manage users and main facilitators can add coaches and set up coaching relationships (allocating learners to coaches).

How to add a coach as a Manage user

Adding a coach is just like adding learners or facilitators.

As a manage user, when editing the class activation, select the Coach tab.

Then, enter the name and email address of the person you wish to add.

Once your coach has been added, learners need to be assigned to the coach. To do this, select the plus icon on the right hand side.

In the Edit coaching relationships area you can select the learners that you want to assign to the selected Coach. 

Once you have clicked done, this will update and return you to the access tab. Where the plus symbol was previously should now be updated to reflect the number of learners that are assigned to that particular Coach.

How to add a coach as a Main facilitator

As a main facilitator, select either the plus icon or Edit on the coaches tile in the Class console.

Then, enter the name and email address of the person you wish to add. If you have just added the coach, you will automatically be taken to allocate learners to that coach.

Otherwise, select Edit on the coaching tile and select the icon on the right to Add coaching relationships.

Then select the learners you wish to allocate to that coach.

Notifications for coaches

The coach will be notified that they've been added to the course and will automatically have access to all tasks for the learner(s) they've been assigned to.

Coaches will be notified whenever a learner they’ve had assigned to them submits a task. They can then login and view/download assessments to mark and/or provide feedback. 

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